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Capstar everyother day to treat Fleanial

The Novartis Dermatology System
Greer's owner education materials for allergy vaccine
TrisEDTA with LA Baytril for Pseudomonas Otitis
Technicians performing the 3 Slide Technique
Cefpodoxime and Primor once a day anibiotics
Shampoo therapy based on cytology every 3-7 days
Prevention rather than treatments


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Novartis Advanced Dermatology Symposia

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10 Most Common Dermatoses
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Dermatology 101
What are the Infections
Why are they There?
What and Why Worksheet
Dermatology in 10 Patterns
What Does Abby Have?
FQ cause MRSx
Eliminating Otitis
Killing Pseudomonas
Dermatology Diagnostics
Treating Feline Skin 5 Steps
Atopica Antivomit Plan
Itch Report Card
Treating Allergy in 10 Steps
Acral Lick Granulomas

Improving Clinical Photography
Allergy Immunology
Differential Diagnosis List

WesternStates Vet Conf 2009
Feline Dermatosis
Feline Otitis
Cyclosporine use in Cats

Practice Management

Does Your Clinic SMell?
Walmart or Macy's
10 Characteristics of Greatness
5 Steps
5 Steps Slide Set
55 Most Common Diseases

Handouts and Forms

Dermatology Evaluation/Treatment
Dermatology History Summary
Itch Report Card
Treating Allergy in 10 Steps
Treating Allergy in 10 Steps b
Unique Allergy Symptoms
Feline Dermatitis

CEforVets (free)
Cases and Lectures



Atopica Files

Silver Bullet
Be a Sailor
Before and Afters
the NSAID for allergy
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